Sleep Drinks

Fall asleep faster and stay settled with a mellow, comforting sleep drink. At the end of the day, when it's time to turn it all off, nothing works better than one of our sleep aids - not even warm milk with a generous handful of sleeping pills. Rest and restore your sleep cycle naturally.

Drinks to Help You Fall Asleep

A drink designed for deep, restful sleep. You can't overestimate the importance of sleep for, well, every part of your life. From your mental health to your physical health (and let's be honest, your emotional health too), everything suffers when you don't catch enough ZZZs late at night. Our sleep tea features a range of ingredients that are designed to help you drift off and stay asleep until morning. Focusing on natural ingredients that calm and restore your mind, you can improve sleep quality and awake feeling refreshed just by incorporating this drink into your evening routine.

More Than Chamomile Tea

Herbal teas are great, but they aren't everyone's cup of tea. For better sleep, you don't need to fall back on crazy remedies and old folk stories about herbal ingredients, when there are scientifically-proven ways to help you sleep. Our sleep beverage is formulated around two key ingredients selected by nutritionists. L-Theanine, our favorite amino acid from green tea leaves, promotes calmness and quells that intrusive late night anxiety. Meanwhile a precise dose of melatonin supports the circadian rhythm for good sleep that comes on naturally.

Ingredients for Sleep Quality

Sleep inducing drinks aren't limited to herbal teas. Sleep aids can take many forms, from limiting social media use in the evenings to taking a (begrudging) step away from high-caffeine beverages when it passes 5pm. We designed our sleep tea to compliment your wellness routine for a better night's sleep. That means ditching the ingredients that don't serve you. Forget about excessive added sugar and weird medicinal herb flavors, focusing instead on nutrients that are scientifically proven to promote good sleep and flavored gently with plant-based ingredients.

Get Ready for a Good Night's Sleep

Healthy sleep evades us all at times, but with a natural sleep aid we can help you avoid trouble sleeping and sleep deprivation on a regular basis. Brew a warm cup of sleep tea and get a healthy dose of melatonin - the natural hormone that's released at night to say "hi, it's time to get some shut eye." Add Zest Sleep Tea to your nightly routine, get some deep sleep, and wake up feeling motivated for the day ahead.
Better Sleep Q&A
How does Zest Sleep Tea work?
Zest Sleep Tea is formulated with nutritionist-approved ingredients for improved sleep quality and reduced sleep issues. It utilizes the well-known sleep-inducing health benefits of chamomile and lavender with amino acid L-Theanine (reduce anxiety, promote calmness) and melatonin (support your circadian rhythm) for a good night's rest. Just brew in hot water and enjoy!
How much L-Theanine does it have?
Our sleep tea contains 15mg of L-Theanine, to reduce anxiety and promote those calm vibes, creating a soothing ritual you can repeat every evening for better sleep.
How much Melatonin does it have?
There is 2mg of Melatonin in our herbal tea, to help you regulate your circadian rhythm, treat insomnia, and create a good sleep hygiene routine that leads to deep slumber.
Is this sugar free?
Zest Sleep Tea is completely sugar free, unlike tart cherry juice or sweet warm milk, so you can fall asleep and improve sleep quality without getting a late night sugar high.
How many calories does it have?
Keeping it clean and real is important for your well-being. Our tea has no added sugar and no calories.
Do your teabags contain plastics or micro-plastics?
Our pyramid teabags are made of natural fibers and are a compostable material. They contain absolutely no plastic or micro-plastics. This includes the pyramid bag, string, and tag.
When is the best time to drink Sleep Tea?
Drink our sleep tea in the hours leading up to bed. We recommend brewing a tea bag in boiling water at least an hour before bedtime, so you can relax as you sip your tea, unrushed and unhurried.
Is this tea Vegan?
Yes! All our beverages at Zest Tea are suitable for vegans, including our sleep tea.
Is this tea Gluten Free?
Yes! This tea does not contain any gluten and is suitable for anyone with celiac disease. This goes for our other hot teas, energy teas, and powder packs too.
Does this sleep tea contain any caffeine?
This is a caffeine free beverage, like chamomile tea but with a more potent mix of ingredients! It is best to avoid consuming significant amounts of caffeine in the evenings, as it impacts your ability to fall asleep.