Energy Drinks

Zest energy drinks - where it all started. We took the over-zealous energy drink and made it something calmer, smoother and more focused. For an energy boost you can actually harness, our Energy Collection is ready to go.

The Zest Energy Drink

Our caffeinated drinks are designed for boosting physical performance and mental focus. Created with nutritionists and health experts, they have a caffeine content that delivers just the right kick to get you into gear. Formulated with metabolism-boosting B-vitamins, electrolytes and 135 to 250 mg of caffeine, these energy drinks don't need a shot of high fructose corn syrup to get you out of bed in the morning. Better than a cup of coffee, Zest energy drinks increase alertness and boost energy with totally plant-powered formulas.

Choose How to Consume Energy Drinks

Keep it smooth and gentle with a high-caffeine green tea, or push it to the limits by adding our energy powder stick to your sports drinks. When your energy levels need a little lift, one of our energy products is ready to step in. College students, young athletes, and emergency room heroes all use Zest to get that much-needed energy shot. Stir in some powder, brew that tea hot hot hot, or sip one of our ready-to-drink energy beverages. Find a format that works for you.

Natural Ingredients, Natural Energy

Most energy drinks are loaded synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors, and all that sugary crap you just don't need. Popular energy drinks have the ability to increase your energy... and your blood pressure. But we do things differently at Zest. We utilize functional ingredients that aid mental alertness and increase energy without battering your nervous system. With caffeine, vitamins, amino acids and plant-powered compounds (sure, and sometimes just a touch of added sugar) we can help you reach athletic performance whether you're running a marathon or just tackling that mid-term paper.

Excessive Energy Drink Consumption... Is It Healthy?

With B-vitamins, plain water, and super food products, our energy drink line can support healthy living. Even with high amounts of caffeine, we know how to balance our energy drinks correctly with calming L-Theanine and carefully selected flavor ingredients. A seriously high caffeine intake can lead to serious health effects. FDA guidelines recommend healthy adults limit daily caffeine consumption to 400mg (or 200mg for pregnant women), so we keep our energy drink line safely below that level. If you have any concerns about energy drink consumption, or you have underlying health conditions, please ask your medical health professional for advice.
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Energy Drinks Q&A
How do Zest Energy Drinks work?
Our energy drinks work by combing enhanced caffeine levels with L-Theanine - two components found naturally in tea. Together, they form a synergistic relationship. The amino acid L-Theanine regulates the effects of caffeine, ensuring you feel a smooth energy boost with extra calmness, alertness and creativity. It slows down the onset of caffeine and gradually wears off, rather than triggering that caffeine crash!
How long does it take to boost energy levels?
Most people feel their energy levels rising within 15 minutes, but it can take up to 45 minutes. The feeling of Zest's energy boost isn't the same as a cup of coffee or other energy drink. Rather than a jittery, instant energy high, you'll experience a smoother rise in energy levels with a sense of calmness and alertness. There's no crash afterwards, either.
Do Zest Energy Drinks contain added sugars?
Our hot tea range is sugar free - there's no added sugars beyond those that occur naturally in the non-GMO fruit ingredients. Our canned energy drinks range from low sugar to sugar free (and zero calorie). Our powder packs that you can use as sports drinks contain just 7g of pure cane sugar per stick.
How many mg of caffeine are in Zest Energy Drinks?
A standard cup of our hot energy tea contains 135-150mg of caffeine, depending on the flavor your choose. Our canned energy drinks contain 120-150mg of caffeine, and our powder sticks contain 100-250mg of caffeine per serving.
Are the energy drink cans carbonated?
Yes! All our canned energy drinks are carbonated.
How do you increase the caffeine levels in your energy drinks?
We have developed an innovative proprietary blending method that enhances the caffeine levels in our energy drinks by using a natural tea extract. The process and ingredients used are totally natural and entirely plant-powered.
Do your teabags contain plastics or micro-plastics?
Our pyramid teabags are made of natural fibers and are a compostable material. They contain absolutely no plastic or micro-plastics. This includes the pyramid bag, string, and tag.