Focus Drinks

Energy drinks for better focus. Sharpen your mental clarity, boost memory, and enhance overall brain function with a little help from our plant-powered formulas. The Focus Collection keeps your brain calm and collected.

Focus-Enhancing Drinks

Energy drinks... well, they boost energy. But a focus drink is something a little different. Designed with a team of nutritionists, our focus powder is designed to aid concentration. That means improving overall cognitive function, improving memory retention, and yes, keeping your energy levels up. But we don't just use caffeine to achieve this. We select minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and other brain-food compounds to really support your brain and get those neurons firing, whatever problems are thrown your way.

Focus vs Energy Drink

To keep you focused, we use tea's worst-kept secret - L-Theanine. Occurring naturally in our tea blends (and extracted as a concentrate for our powders and sleep teas), this amino acid is the key to steady, all-day alertness. Along with nutritionist-approved ingredients, namely stimulating caffeine and Alpha-GPC for improved learning and thinking skills, we're boosting cognition with every sip. Did you know that when you consume L-Theanine, it promotes both creativity and calm? Let the nervous system rest and boost your brain with a natural dose of motivation.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Other energy drinks are intended to boost your performance with little thought given to how your body will keep up. At Zest, we don't subscribe to that. Instead, we ditch the artificial flavors for healthy alternative options. All our ingredients have a purpose, from the metabolism-boosting B-vitamins to the hydrating minerals and stimulating plant extracts... without compromising the taste of our drinks. Stop sacrificing your health just so you can focus a little harder at work.

Natural Caffeine, Natural Focus

For too long, coffee has been the go-to drink for energy and cognitive function. But without L-Theanine, all that caffeine energy is misguided. Zest focus drinks use natural, plant-based L-Theanine to modulate energy levels, enhance alpha waves in your brain (that's good news for creativity), and support cognitive function all-round. Carefully balanced with caffeine, it doesn't make you jittery and unorganized. Tastier than supplements, smoother than coffee, and healthier than most energy drinks. It's a more natural way to improve focus at home, work or school.
Focus Drinks Q&A
Are Focus energy drinks sugar-free?
The Focus powder pack is not zero sugar, it contains 7g of added pure cane sugar. Just enough sweetness to create a delicious taste!
What kind of sweeteners are used in the Focus blend?
Our Focus powder contains a combination of dextrose, sucralose and a little pure cane sugar, so it tastes great with just 35 calories.
How does the Zest Focus drink work?
This is more than just an energy drink! Our Focus blend utilizes L-Theanine, the amino acid from tea that promotes calmness, boosts alertness, and stimulates alpha waves in the brain for a burst of creativity. We've also added a small amount of caffeine, to stimulate the nervous system and get you energized. Alpha GPC is the final focus-enhancing ingredient. It increases acetylcholine, an organic neurotransmitter, for improved memory, learning function, and overall cognition.