Immunity Drinks

Protect your immune system at a cellular level with our immunity booster drinks. Ideal for giving your immune health a quick pep talk, each sip provides the anti-inflammatory nutrients and essential vitamins you need to maintain a healthy immune system.

Drinks for Your Immune System

A strong immune system is not a gift - it's something you work for and protect. A healthy lifestyle, plenty of exercise, and of course, an immunity drink. Packed with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your immune system is craving, a good immunity drink gives you everything you need to stay lit, from head to toe. Boost immunity, feel great, and protect your body one cell at a time. Good immune health starts here.

Ditch the Watery Lemon Juice

Sure, you can boost immunity with a carefully formulated green juice recipe, or go all-in with apple cider vinegar everything, but why should you compromise on great taste just to get those anti-inflammatory properties? When it comes to your immune system, we firmly believe that you should work smarter, not harder. Forget about citrus fruits, step away from the tomato juice, and don't worry about liters upon liters of green tea. Instead, let's boil it down to the nutrients that really matter - vitamin C and zinc. That's what the Zest Immunity Tea is all about.

Vitamin C and Zinc

When it comes to boosting immunity, vitamin C and zinc are the superheroes of your balanced diet. Created with the help of nutritionists, our immune system beverages contain vitamin C to aid tissue repair, collagen formation, and protect cells against environmental oxidative stress. Zinc is one of those immunity enhancing nutrients you never really thought of... but it was there, behind the scenes, healing wounds and creating essential proteins that you couldn't function without. Together, with anti-inflammatory properties, they keep your immune system running whatever gets thrown your way.

Build a Healthy Immune System

Whether you're looking to boost those white blood cells or prevent a vitamin C deficiency, our immune booster beverage is full to the brim with health benefits. Relying on nutritionist-approved ingredients and natural, plant-based flavors, you can keep your immune function happy and healthy without the buckets of fresh fruit and added sugars you just don't need. Along with our calming Sleep Tea and Gut Health Tea for good gut bacteria, staying healthy is a few sips a day.
    Plant-Powered Immunity

    Elderberry Citrus Tea Bags

Immune System Q&A
How does Zest Immunity Tea work?
Our immunity booster works by combining vitamin C to promote immune health with zinc for wound healing properties. The remaining ingredients, namely elderberry and calendula, have additional anti-inflammatory properties with plenty of antioxidants. It's a clean-tasting pick-me-up with more zing than orange juice!
Does this immunity booster contain any caffeine?
No, this is a caffeine-free blend. Adequate sleep and reducing stress are also key to a happy immune system, so we've kept this tea simple and clean without any caffeine.
How much Vitamin C does it contain?
Our immunity booster drinks contain Xmg of Vitamin C. Like a shot of pure lemon juice, but more delicious.
How much Zinc does it contain?
There is Xmg of Zinc in a single serving of our immunity tea, to help your immune cells, decrease inflammation, and promote wound healing.
Is this immunity boosting drink sugar free?
Yes! These delicious drinks boost your immune system without any added sugar. Staying hydrated and enjoying those anti-inflammatory effects shouldn't be weighed down by a mountain of sugar.
How many calories does it have?
There is no added sugar, and no calories per serving of immunity tea. With clean, citrusy notes, it tastes good as is. Just pop a tea bag in boiling water and let it steep. Remember to count the additional calories if you add honey!
Do your teabags contain plastics or micro-plastics?
Our pyramid teabags are made of natural fibers and are a compostable material. They contain absolutely no plastic or micro-plastics. This includes the pyramid bag, string, and tag.
When is the best time to drink this Immunity Tea?
The best time to drink this tea is first thing in the morning or mid-afternoon, as both Zinc and Vitamin C are best absorbed when consumed on an empty stomach. As with all vitamins, consistency is key! Drink your tea once a day, around the same time.
Is this tea Vegan?
Yes, all our beverages at Zest Tea are suitable for vegans - they're totally free of all animal products.
Is this tea Gluten Free?
Yes! There is no gluten in this immunity tea blend nor any hot tea, energy tea or powder pack created by Zest.