Hydration Drinks

Replenishing hydration drinks to correct your electrolyte imbalance with every sip. Formulated with nutritionists to improve water retention at a cellular level, each hydration drink is built on four key nutrients. These are sports drinks with a difference.

Hydrating Electrolyte Drinks

You can drink plain water all day long - or stick with your expensive coconut water - but nothing will work quite as effectively as a Zest rehydration drink. Electrolyte drinks, containing electrically charged compounds known as electrolytes, ensure that your body retains the water you drink while you work out, hike, swim, or just get through that 8-hour shift. Our electrolyte powder contains sodium, chloride and potassium to rehydrate your cells and prevent excess fluid loss. We also add glucose to our drink mixes, to keep you energized throughout the day.

Better Than Soda or Fruit Juice

When you get your sweat on, you're not just losing water, you're losing electrolytes. This can lead to an electrolyte imbalance and eventual dehydration. The problem with chugging soda soft drinks or fruit juice, is that they don't replace those lost electrolytes. The water you consume naturally moves into the cells with high concentrations of electrolytes via osmosis. Without consuming electrolytes, all that great hydration just flows right through you. Many electrolyte drinks focus hard on restoring electrolytes... but Zest takes it further. We've added glucose for energy and natural ingredients for a lightly flavored sports drink that aids recovery and helps you stay hydrated for longer.

Plant-Based Electrolyte Drink

Tasty drinks don't need to be packed with artificial sweeteners and mountains of added sugar. At Zest, we keep the sugar content balanced with water, natural fruits, vitamins, and minerals. From our energy teas to our hydrating powder sticks, we prioritize plant-based ingredients. So, you can drink plenty, focus harder, and work smarter, without all that unnecessary crap. Our hydrating energy drinks, packed with nutritionist-approved ingredients, are part of the Hydration Collection, a range of super hydrating beverages. Add our energizing teas to your routine as well to create the perfect pre and post workout plan.

Sports Drinks by Zest

One rehydration drink can make all the difference to your day. We believe that a sports drink should do more than just quench thirst and boost energy with added sugar. Inspired by tea's antioxidants and amino acids (the awesome compounds that made our award-winning energy teas loved by millions), we created a hydrating formula with sodium, chloride and potassium. These electrolytes have health benefits beyond rehydration, from assisting muscle function to maintaining blood pH and a healthy nervous system.
Hydrating Electrolyte Drinks Q&A
How do these Hydration Electrolyte Drinks work?
Mix the powder with water to create an instant electrolyte drink. The electrolytes in our drinks move to your cells throughout your body, balancing hydration as they go. A cell that's full of electrolytes will be replenished with water through osmosis, as water moves from a dilute to a concentrated solution. By boosting electrolyte levels, your body rehydrates at a cellular level and truly absorbs the water for long-lasting hydration. Without adequate electrolytes in your body, much of that hydration is quickly expelled rather than retained.
What kind of sweeteners are used in these Hydration blends?
At Zest, we don't add unnecessary sugars. Instead, we balance dextrose (starch-based simple sugars) and a little sucralose (non-caloric artificial sweeteners) with pure cane sugar for just the right level of sweetness. Our blends don't need to be overly sweet to pack that hydration factor!
How many grams of added sugars do Zest Hydration Drinks contain?
In each powder stick there are 7g of added sugars. To keep our electrolyte drinks sweet and tasty, we also add small amounts of sweetener rather than more sugar, to keep the calories blissfully low. You can check the sugar and carb content of any of our beverages (including our sugar-free teas) by finding the Nutrition Facts box on the side of the packet.
Does this electrolyte drink help with hangovers?
After an alcoholic drink or five, you might be feeling rough and dehydrated the next morning. Electrolyte drinks are a better remedy for a hangover than fruit juice or coconut water, as the electrolytes help you restore and retain hydration. Electrolyte drinks also assist with keeping nerves and muscles functioning correctly. Try our electrolyte drinks after consuming an alcoholic beverage, or the morning after, to soothe hangover symptoms.
Are Zest Hydration Drinks gluten free?
All our energy drinks, teas, and hydration drinks are totally fine for anyone with celiac disease. You can drink lots without worrying about consuming gluten. Just make sure you mix our powder sticks with plain water rather than another beverage that may contain gluten.
Are Zest Hydration Drinks vegan?
Yes, our entire sports drinks line up, including each hydration drink and energy drink, is vegan. Mixing our powder sticks with dairy milk for a thick consistency is certainly do-able, but they taste just as great with water.
What electrolytes are included in Zest Hydration Drinks?
Each Hydration Drink contains 700mg of electrolytes - a nutritious blend of 350mg sodium, 350mg potassium, and 200mg chloride.
Does this make the water fizzy/carbonated?
No, Zest Hydration Drinks are not carbonated and are easily dissolved into plain cold or hot water.
How many calories per serving?
When mixed with plain water our electrolyte powder sticks provide 35 calories per serving, thanks to a low sugar content.