Is Zest Tea available in stores?

We are always looking to expand. If you know of a store (or own one) that would be interested in Zest, we’re all ears!

Do you ship Zest Tea internationally?

We ship to Australia and New Zealand only. For all other locations visit Zest Tea

Where do your base teas come from?

Most of our base teas come from the Nilgiri region of India and the Anhui province of China.

How do you increase the caffeine levels?

Zest Tea have developed an innovative proprietary blending method that enhances the caffeine levels using a natural tea extract. The process and ingredients used are natural.

How many calories/carbs are in Zest tea?

Our hot teas have an insignificant amount of calories and carbs (1-2 calories and carbs per serving).

Are your teas gluten free? Sugar free?

All of Zest Tea's blends are gluten free and while there is naturally a small amount of sugar in some of the the blend ingredients like the fruit pieces, the final brewed product is sugar free.

Can the level of caffeine be harmful?

In high doses caffeine can be harmful, but our teas contain levels that are generally regarded as safe. Zest's caffeine levels are comparable to a cup of coffee.

Is it really the most caffeinated tea on the market?

As far as we know, yes. And by quite a margin. Zest has about 3x the caffeine of normal tea, or about as much caffeine as a regular cup of joe.

How much caffeine is in Zest?

135 - 160mg of caffeine, give or take. The natural caffeine level of teas varies, so the actual content can be a few milligrams over or under the stated range.

Why don’t I feel the jitters and crash with Zest?

Zest Tea is packed with amino acids, including L-Theanine, which studies show helps moderate caffeine's effects. Read more here.